Constellation Scorpio Earrings

World of deep emotions

Constellation Scorpio Earrings



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Constellation Scorpio Earrings made of 925 Sterling Silver Ruthenium plated.
Scorpio is the second Water sign of Zodiac. It is linked to afterworld, rebirth and trasformation.
Connected to the world of deep emotions, it is not afraid of darkness.
The color that best reflects it is black. It is mysterious, cold and provocative.
This model is customizable

Collection inspired by the zodiac signs, symbols of multiform female identities.
Long earrings with pin and hexagonal pendents made of 925 Sterling Silver Ruthenium plated with Stardust finish.
The stones are connected with the chromatic and figurative astral features.
Cubic Zirconia Onyx.

Maintenance Tips
– Store in a separate compartment, preferably in a cloth bag.
– Never store in the bathroom or in damp places, but in a dry, cool and dark place.
– Avoid direct contact with perfumes or other aggressive or chemical products.
– Try to avoid contact with water, especially that of swimming pools and sea water, as much as possible.
– Do not clean with abrasive products or do-it-yourself methods. Simply use a specific cloth or contact the manufacturer. 
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Material and Color

Silver Ruhtenium


Cubic Zirconia Onyx

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