Touscé starts from the concept of “industrial” and declines it with mastery and aesthetic sense into
collections with a strong personality, that can stand out for their quality and sophisticated mood.

Many collections arise from the creative idea, all able to evoke different suggestions,
but all capable to work together.
This is Touscé’s distinctive sign: combine, overlap, blend different styles and shapes.

Contrasts and harmonies between rough masculine forms and tactile and visual feminine sensations represent the
duality of the personality of the women to whom they are inspired:
poetry of geometries, sensuality of constructions and elegance of the conflicting approach.

A winning mix that transforms every jewel
into a new dreamscape of femininity.

Fine materials and urban inspiration, the luxury of simplicity, the purity of shapes, Touscé’s collections
are the reflection of a unique creative expression, that blurs the distinction between “fashion” and “precious”,
for a woman who loves to wear her jewels in every occasion.

Touscé is dedicated to strong women, aware of their strength and uniqueness, who love the unusual geometries
of a contemporary and unconventional jewel.

Independent women from all over the world, modern but sophisticated at the same time,
looking for high quality jewelry and accessories capables of expressing their being.

Women who make bold tailoring choices and who like to complete their outfit with unique design jewels.

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