Creative Director and Founder

Fabiana is a young designer grown up with a suitcase full of dreams and journeys to be made.

As a child, she showed a strong artistic flair, a wild passion for drawing and creating objects,
especially accessories, full of personality and color.

The incentive to create her own collection has arisen within her family business in the industrial sector,
where she worked after having accomplished her economic studies and training trips abroad.

Her love for fashion and travel, and the daily contact with nuts, bolts
and washers, gave Fabiana the idea of breath them life and glamour.

“Every femininity is different as different are the worlds
from which I took inspiration for Touscé, between romanticism and modernity,
to tell in one story the multiple characters of women.”
Fabiana Coalova

Borrowing the shapes and geometries of the urban and post-industrial world, in 2013 she launches her first collection,
later completing her studies with a Master in “Jewellry Design” at the Polidesign of Milan,
where she deepened her technical knowledge and developed her 3D drawing skills.

Since the beginning her jewels attracted the attention of the press, appearing in numerous magazines,
printed and online, such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan to name a few.

Today her creations have been enriched with the use of traditional techniques and precious stones and metals,
giving life to jewellery pieces with a strong personality that combine design, fashion and culture.

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